At Worley auto parts we look after each and every aspect got to do with the Radiators be it car, bike or motorcycle. We also specialise in Radiator hose, available with varied sizes and quality. From heater Cores, Oil Coolers, Fuel Tanks and associated tools and fittings, almost everything for your car’s cooling system.

Radiator hose

We at Worley Auto Parts offer a range of radiator hoses made from durable materials to deliver long-life performance. Our radiator hoses are designed and fabricated to resist buckling or bending out of shape. When value and quality matter, rely on Worley Auto Parts!

Features & Advantages:

– Made as per company specifications for proper fit and function
– Built to resist mechanical and chemical degradation for extra durability
– Available in different sizes to suit most models and applications

The cooling system keeps the vehicle’s motor running at the proper temperature by continuously removing excess heat from the engine and dissipating to outside air. The belt drives the pump circulating coolant throughout the cooling system. Radiator hoses serve the purpose of routing the heating and air conditioning system’s liquid and gas through the system. Any damage to the Radiator hoses like leaking, brittleness, cracking or hardening can lead to engine overheating and warrants immediate attention and replacement.

To check if Radiator hoses have become weak, the best way is to press the hose near the clamps or connectors using the following process:

1. Always make sure the engine is turned off and cool before checking the cooling system
2. Only use the fingers and thumb and not the palm to check for radiator hoses degradation.
3. Check near the clamps or connectors, as radiator hoses are more prone to break down in this area.
4. Feel the middle and ends of the hose for any noticeable difference in consistency.
5. If the ends feel soft or mushy, replacement is recommended.

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