At Worley Auto Parts we look after Maintaining your cars cooling system with utmost efficiency and enhancing the life of your engine. If the engine is too hot you risk damage through overheating, too cold and moving parts wear out quicker

The internal combustion engine in a normal car produces around 20,000 BTU of heat energy as waste product. This huge amount of heat is absorbed by the cooling system and dissipated out of the car by the car radiator. If it is not possible for it to do so and the engine ends up overheating which may cause permanent damage. To prevent this, the car radiator needs to dissipate at least one third of the total heat to maintain just the right temperature that is needed for the engine to operate efficiently. it helps in keeping the temperature of the engine low as the coolant in the radiator absorbs the heat and radiates it outwards.


The car radiators serves to exchange heat by circulating coolant through a horizontal or vertical-finned tubing section from the dispensing tank to the receiving tank. The increased surface area of the tubing fins allows the heat transfer from engine parts such as the combustion chamber, the cylinder walls, and the valve seats and guides. If there is too much pressure in the tubes, or excessive heat, or impurities in the fluids, it can cause severe damage to your car radiator. This may lead to cooling system failure, engine overheating and even harm to the engine. To avoid this, we highly recommended that you should have your car radiator inspected and the coolant changed every 25,000-30000 kilometres of driving as a preventative maintenance to reduce the risk of premature car radiator failure.

Replacing a radiators can be a hassle as you must match the exact height, thickness, and width but you need not worry, as Worley Auto Parts offers genuine car radiators that match the specifications of your precious car. If in doubt, contact our experienced staff and they can surely help you out in choosing the right radiator for your car.